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3-Rote hue aankho mei bhi intezar hota hai,na chahte hue bhi kissise pyar hota gai, kyu dekhti hai aankhe vo sapne, jinke tutne par bhi unke sach hone ka intezar hota hai.

20 Beautiful Urdu Words With Meaning

In the short period of 45 days, being greatly inspired, he was able to write all the pieces of poetry that comprise this book.

Urdu Poetry With English Translation

——————————— Tu shabana mi numaai be barkay boodi imshab, Ke hunooz chashm-e mastat asar-e khumar daarad.

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They build sand castles and play with hollow shells.

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Why not wait and watch how things unwind! You're such a fool, afraid to drink the fruit of the vine! Urdu poetry is notable for its highly romantic images, evocative metaphors, emotional content, depth of feeling, transcendence, and sheer passion! Why is grief the fundamental element of night when blindness falls as the distant stars rise? Perhaps another hobbler, limping by on blistered feet, follows me! What, did you not even bother to stay? Umbva phutay, tesu phulay, koyal bolay daar daar, Aur gori karat singaar, Malaniyan gadhwa lay aayin karson, Sakal bun phool rahi….

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You loiter in vain over your toilet lamp; it flickers and dies in the wind.

Best Ghazals and Nazms: Urdu poetry in Roman English, Urdu and Hindi scripts

The reason is that very good poets have come in Urdu Poetry.

20 Beautiful Urdu Words With Meaning

Our solemn oaths of faithfulness, you may remember, or perhaps forgot.

Urdu Poetry With English Translation

The author assures a strong sense of commitment and without a doubt make it worth your while with every line you read.

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Burch Come, see this dance, the immaculate dance of the devadasi! Burch My life is a bubble, this world an illusion.