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Whether it's a teen comedy about responsible sex, a children's movie that might be funnier for adults, or a Wes Anderson animated feature—there are a number of options in 2018 that might make it all the way to the next award season.

The Best Popcorn Movies of 2018

At the same time: Riley's thrillingly inventive conception of the rise-fall-rise-fall-and-rise-again character arc of call center worker drone Cassius "Cash" Green an incredible Lakeith Stanfield always feels real enough, even when it takes a hard turn into what is currently the realm of science-fiction.

15 Best Sex Comedy Movies on Netflix (2021)

Gary Ross's direction can't quite match the thrills of Soderbergh's trilogy, but there's still plenty of delights to be found in the sister film, which finds costume designer Sarah Edwards doing the lords work Blanchett is dressed to perfection in every single frame of the film and Rihanna's Met Gala gown got a literal gasp from the audience both times I saw this in theaters.

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The best thing about The Good Place, though, is that it's a show about people who, at their core, want to be better than they already are.

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Starring: Jason Bateman, Rachel McAdams, Kyle Chandler, Jesse Plemons, and Jeffrey Wright About: A group of friends meet up for your average game night, only to find that one of them has planned an intense murder mystery.

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When the situation is confused by the authorities, the man and boy take off in the woods to evade arrest, all the while growing closer to one another.

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This is one of Lee's most urgent and timely films.

top 25 best comedy movies: 2010

A good laugh heals a lot of hurt.

top 25 best comedy movies: 2010

Each of them has made a film involving sex in modern India, and two of them are quite humorous.

The Best Comedy Movies of the 21st Century: Funniest Movies Ranked

The difficulty of making art in Singapore? But the Big Lebowski has a different mission for The Dude — to find his missing trophy wife, Bunny.

10 Best Comedy Movies of 2018 So Far

There's no doubt the best action scene of the year comes from this film -- but which one?! But it also allows to show a dramatic depth we haven't seen from her before as the woman who could be Toller's salvation or his undoing.

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Paige is already mesmerizing in what little we get of her in the teaser, and the script has a credit from acclaimed playwright Jeremy O.